Monday, February 4, 2008

Week 9

So I am into the 9th week of my pregnancy now & I'm feeling great! The extreme tiredness is still with me (mostly at nighttime, usually starting around 8pm or so)...along with some pain in my lower back...but I still haven't experienced any morning sickness yet, which has been great! I know I'm not out of the woods yet as far as that's concerned...but it has definitely been nice to be without so far...

I don't know if the tiredness has anything to do with the fact that I gave up caffeine pretty much right away when I found out I was expecting...but I'm sure it doesn't help, since I used to drink coffee twice a day most days...

Most of my spare time these days is spent reading about pregnancies & babies, which is a good thing because there is SO MUCH to learn...



But I am getting there...slow but sure:)


Erin said...

I must tell you about 2 books by Jenny McCarthy that are just fabulous and funny to read while you are pregnant. "Belly Laughs" and "Baby Laughs." They are both so relatable and will have you in stitches with laughter. She makes light of so many pregnancy "symptoms" in "Belly Laughs" and then chronicles her first year of motherhood in "Baby Laughs."

Erin said...

That is so funny you have both already. Yay!

Oh, another good one is "Crawling: A Father's First Year" by Elisha Cooper. I have it somewhere in my house and will have to find it for you. It is so funny and poignantly written by a first time dad. Sandy and I both read it and highly recommend it.

*Bee Girl* said...

Oh that sounds awesome! I would love to read that one, too...and I bet Rob would as well:) Thanks!!