Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Avocado Baby

Letter to a Bean 3/aka Avocado Week

Dear Bean,

Though it seems
hard to believe...we've just completed our 16th week already! Just under 4 weeks to go & we will be at the halfway mark...

And just 5 more months 'til we get to meet you!!!

I am told that you are about 5 inches long now & weigh as much as an avocado. How perfect that our little Pearl Jam baby is being compared to an avocado:) That makes me smile just to think of it.

I am feeling good; the headaches are less frequent & I seem to be less and less tired as the days go by. Last night I stayed up past 11pm...which was unheard of during my first trimester!

I read today that you are going to be going through a big growth spurt in the next few weeks. How exciting!! I imagine that I will start to "show" over the course of the next month or so, since I haven't really started to yet. I am still wearing all of my regular clothes but don't imagine that I will be able to for very much longer.

We go back to see the doctor this coming Tuesday. We are meeting Dr. Rudo's partner this time because the office wants us to get to know each of the doctors in the practice, in case Dr. Rudo happens to be out or on vacation when it comes time to deliver you. I hope that this new doctor is nice. Dr. Rudo said that this will be the appointment where we are given the prescription for our "big ultrasound"! Once we schedule that, I'm sure that your Dad and I will be counting down the days until we find out whether you are a boy or a girl!!!

It seems that a lot of people are thinking that you are a girl. I sit & wonder every day if they are right. It seems so unbelieveable that in just about a month, all of that wondering will be overwith!

Another thing I read this week was that you are starting to be able to hear around now. Ever since I read that, I have been trying to talk to you, in hopes that you can hear me. Today I told you that we were having hummus & fresh vegetables for lunch. I also sing a lot in the I guess you are going to have to get used to that;-)

Well, my little well in there. Grow strong & continue to be as good to me as you have been so far. Your Daddy & I are taking you to your first Pearl Jam shows in June, lucky little avocado baby that you are:) I can't wait till you are born so that we can get you your very own fan club number! You will thank us for that when you're older...promise;-)

Happy week 17 to us. I love you & will be seeing you soon.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Week 14 Updates

Today marks the first day of my 14th week. I am officially into my second trimester now & feel great. Baby is roughly 4 inches long now & the size of a lemon...or so I'm told from my friends @ This concept blows my mind, I must admit;-)

I had some quite painful random afternoon headaches last week, which research taught me were the result of hormonal surges that occur around weeks 13/14. But they only persisted for 3 days or so & don't seem to have come back, which I'm hoping is a trend that will continue...

I'm not in maternity clothes yet but a few of my jeans have gotten snug around the waist...more so in the afternoon/evening than in the morning, though. I don't know what causes this exactly. Maybe it's more bloat than baby. I hear bloat is a common complaint of pregnancy.

Rob & I let Erin & Sandy in on our "little secret" on Friday night over a wonderful dinner @ P.F. Chang's. They were very excited for us! We are very excited about the possibility of them moving closer so that we can see them more often...and so our kids can play together:)

I added a "fun baby links" feature at the bottom of my blog, to which I will add links to fun baby-related websites as I find them. Let me know if you know of any cool ones I should add!

And lastly...

If you haven't voted in the baby gender poll yet, please do:)


Thursday, March 6, 2008

Chinese Gender Predictor

This chart...found in an ancient royal tomb near said to be over 90% accurate in predicting a baby's gender.
To use the chart: Match the age you were at baby's conception (down the left side) with the month of conception (across the top) to forecast baby's gender.
Let me know if the chart looks like it may've been accurate with your past pregnancies...
Dawn: Was your lil' boy conceived in October?
P.S. I was 29 & baby was conceived in December:)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Galloping Horses & Unexpected Fortune Tellers

Our appointment with Dr. Rudo yesterday was much shorter than our last appointment with her but it was very exciting nevertheless...

We got to HEAR the lil' bean's HEARTBEAT for the first time!!!

At first, doctor said not to get our hopes up because she wasn't sure she would be able to find it...but no sooner had she finished saying that...when THERE IT WAS......clear as day! It sounded like galloping horses to me. Cute little baby galloping horses:)

It was truly just the most awesome thing. And such sweet relief! Thankfully, Baby seems to be doing just fine in there.

After the appointment we went to have dinner with the family, which was nice:)

Then today at work I had a patient give me a totally unsolicited...and completely random...psychic reading, which managed to drive me to tears right there at my desk...

(Pregnancy hormones. What can I say?)

She told me that I am carrying a girl who will look a lot like me & that Rob and I will have at least 3 children. She said that at least one of them will be a son. She told me that my mom is overjoyed for this baby to be born & that it will bring us closer than we ever were before. She told me that Rob likes to work on projects around the house, like carpentry & that sort of thing. (For those of you who don't know Rob, this is 100% true.) She said that we love each other very much, will be married a long time & will be very happy.

She also told me that I have been working at my job for "4 or 5 years". (My 5-year anniversary is coming up in July.) And that my mom has high blood pressure. (Also true.) But then she asked if we have a shed in our backyard...which we don't.

Random, I know.

Her name was Bahama & she wore a headdress & looked more like a psychic than anyone I have ever met before. She asked me not to be upset with her for giving me a reading that I didn't ask for...but she said that my spirit was so strong that she couldn't help it...

I swear...the strangest things always happen to me.

In a strange way, it was kind of nice, though. And since I didn't feel right voting in my own gender poll...I just decided to cast a vote for "GIRL" for her.


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

13 weeks!

Today marks the start of the 13th week of my pregnancy. Just 3 more days...and I will officially have begun my second trimester:) I can't wait to see what changes are in store for me in the months to come. The thing I look forward to the most is feeling baby move for the first time! They say this can happen anytime from about 15 weeks with any won't be long before I start to feel those first flutters...

Rob & I visited Babies R Us together for the first time this past Sunday afternoon. Though a bit overwhelming to a set of (utterly clueless) first time was a fun and memorable experience:)

We spent the most time in the stroller section & narrowed it down to 2 that we really like: one made by Chicco (the Cortina) & the other by Peg Perego (the Pliko P3). I think we're learning towards the Chicco, though. It's really cool looking, comfortable to push & seem to get great reviews everywhere we've looked it up.

Oh! And we *finally* go to see Dr. Rudo again today at 3:00pm. Wish us luck!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Around The Bend

I decided to change the web address of the blog from to today.

Indecisiveness has always been my biggest why should pregnancy change that fact, right? ;-)

I had wanted the baby's web address to be Pearl Jam related if possible...and I finally figured a way to do it in such a way that the address wasn't already taken by somebody else.

Yay to that!

PJ's Around The Bend has always meant a lot to Rob & I...but it means so much more to us now that baby's on the way...

"I am wishing you a-well
Mind at peace within your cell
Covers up, I cast you off...
I'll be watching as you breathe
I lie move...I send around the bend

I hold your head deep in my arms

My fingertips they close your eyes
Off you dream, my little child
There's a sun around the bend

You're an angel when you sleep
How I want your soul to keep
On and on around the bend..." ~Pearl Jam

So yes, Mommy's indecisive...but with good reason.

After all, a rockstar baby should have a rockstar address, right?! :)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Blossoming Creativity

This is the onesie that I made for my best's Aunt break the news about the pregnancy to her.

I have plans to make more, including some rock n' roll inspired ones...

So if you have cute ideas, please don't hesitate to share:)