Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Week 14 Updates

Today marks the first day of my 14th week. I am officially into my second trimester now & feel great. Baby is roughly 4 inches long now & the size of a lemon...or so I'm told from my friends @ thenest.com. This concept blows my mind, I must admit;-)

I had some quite painful random afternoon headaches last week, which research taught me were the result of hormonal surges that occur around weeks 13/14. But they only persisted for 3 days or so & don't seem to have come back, which I'm hoping is a trend that will continue...

I'm not in maternity clothes yet but a few of my jeans have gotten snug around the waist...more so in the afternoon/evening than in the morning, though. I don't know what causes this exactly. Maybe it's more bloat than baby. I hear bloat is a common complaint of pregnancy.

Rob & I let Erin & Sandy in on our "little secret" on Friday night over a wonderful dinner @ P.F. Chang's. They were very excited for us! We are very excited about the possibility of them moving closer so that we can see them more often...and so our kids can play together:)

I added a "fun baby links" feature at the bottom of my blog, to which I will add links to fun baby-related websites as I find them. Let me know if you know of any cool ones I should add!

And lastly...

If you haven't voted in the baby gender poll yet, please do:)


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Ursula said...

I loved that link you posted on the bottom babywit.com... the shirts are awesome!

My personal favorite is the VINYL RULES one... :D