Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Galloping Horses & Unexpected Fortune Tellers

Our appointment with Dr. Rudo yesterday was much shorter than our last appointment with her but it was very exciting nevertheless...

We got to HEAR the lil' bean's HEARTBEAT for the first time!!!

At first, doctor said not to get our hopes up because she wasn't sure she would be able to find it...but no sooner had she finished saying that...when THERE IT WAS......clear as day! It sounded like galloping horses to me. Cute little baby galloping horses:)

It was truly just the most awesome thing. And such sweet relief! Thankfully, Baby seems to be doing just fine in there.

After the appointment we went to have dinner with the family, which was nice:)

Then today at work I had a patient give me a totally unsolicited...and completely random...psychic reading, which managed to drive me to tears right there at my desk...

(Pregnancy hormones. What can I say?)

She told me that I am carrying a girl who will look a lot like me & that Rob and I will have at least 3 children. She said that at least one of them will be a son. She told me that my mom is overjoyed for this baby to be born & that it will bring us closer than we ever were before. She told me that Rob likes to work on projects around the house, like carpentry & that sort of thing. (For those of you who don't know Rob, this is 100% true.) She said that we love each other very much, will be married a long time & will be very happy.

She also told me that I have been working at my job for "4 or 5 years". (My 5-year anniversary is coming up in July.) And that my mom has high blood pressure. (Also true.) But then she asked if we have a shed in our backyard...which we don't.

Random, I know.

Her name was Bahama & she wore a headdress & looked more like a psychic than anyone I have ever met before. She asked me not to be upset with her for giving me a reading that I didn't ask for...but she said that my spirit was so strong that she couldn't help it...

I swear...the strangest things always happen to me.

In a strange way, it was kind of nice, though. And since I didn't feel right voting in my own gender poll...I just decided to cast a vote for "GIRL" for her.



Ursula said...

I knew you would love hearing the baby's heart, its such an overwhelming experience, I always get all choked up when I hear their little heart for the first time, I'm really looking forward to hearing her/his heart soon too!

That was random that she offered a reading just like that, it's great though I'm glad that she told you all those beautiful things, though you probably already knew the "you guys love each other very much" part - LOL!

I can't wait for you to find out if it's a she or a he and see if her prediction comes true.

I don't know what to think for myself, sometimes I so feel I'm having a girl but sometimes I think it's a boy - LOL (I should be able to figure it out by myself by now!)


markndawn said...

Hey did the Dr. happen to tell you the heart rate? Just curious cause they say higher heart rates are usually girls... but sometimes this isn't always true. One of those old wives tales, but it's always fun to feed into them. LOL!

*Bee Girl* said...

You know...

We were just so excited to hear it in the first place that we didn't even ask for the heart rate. DUH! I thought of it after the fact when my mom asked me the same question...for the same reason as you! She is DYING to find out what we are having! LOL