Saturday, March 1, 2008

Blossoming Creativity

This is the onesie that I made for my best's Aunt break the news about the pregnancy to her.

I have plans to make more, including some rock n' roll inspired ones...

So if you have cute ideas, please don't hesitate to share:)


Ursula said...

Hey chickie..

I love that onesie!!
You make him yourself? or do you have them made somewhere else? (the printing I mean).. I totally love them...

I love your blog btw!
Your jammer will be 2 months older than mine but nonetheless glad that we can share this special time :)


*Bee Girl* said...

Yep! I made it myself:) And I am in the process of thinking up cutesie ideas for more of them. I betcha I'll make one for your lil' baby Jammer-to-be someday, too:)

nathalie said...

I really can't think of a onesie that speaks more truth....

aunt nat;)