Monday, March 3, 2008

Around The Bend

I decided to change the web address of the blog from to today.

Indecisiveness has always been my biggest why should pregnancy change that fact, right? ;-)

I had wanted the baby's web address to be Pearl Jam related if possible...and I finally figured a way to do it in such a way that the address wasn't already taken by somebody else.

Yay to that!

PJ's Around The Bend has always meant a lot to Rob & I...but it means so much more to us now that baby's on the way...

"I am wishing you a-well
Mind at peace within your cell
Covers up, I cast you off...
I'll be watching as you breathe
I lie move...I send around the bend

I hold your head deep in my arms

My fingertips they close your eyes
Off you dream, my little child
There's a sun around the bend

You're an angel when you sleep
How I want your soul to keep
On and on around the bend..." ~Pearl Jam

So yes, Mommy's indecisive...but with good reason.

After all, a rockstar baby should have a rockstar address, right?! :)

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