Thursday, January 31, 2008

Meeting Dr. Rudo

Rob & I have an appointment this afternoon at 3:30pm to meet with our OB/GYN, Dr. Sharon Rudo for the first time. I am so nervous, anxious & excited! I hope that all goes well, that the doctor is nice and that we get to see our little bean's heartbeat...

I will post an update either later today or early tomorrow:)


~ January 25th, 2008 ~

I went to see my primary doctor on January 15th where she did a quantitative blood test to confirm the pregnancy. We got a call the very next morning with, as Dr. Kenis put it, our "Happy News"!

It all felt even more real after that:)

The past few weeks have been great, symptoms-wise, for me. I haven't experienced any morning sickness yet & only feel slight cramping in my lower abdomen from time to time. I am super tired all of the time, though. Most nights I don't make it past 9:00pm without konking out on the couch! Rob is wondering how long this will last. LOL

We're pregnant!!!

~ January 11th, 2008 ~

Rob & I had only just set forth on what we'd imagined would be a long & winding road to conception...when, lo & many of the classic symptoms we had read about were closer to home than ever before...and the very first home pregnancy tests we bought both showed as glaringly positive!!

We feel blessed beyond belief & words cannot begin to express our excitement! We can't wait to meet our little bean:)