Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Letter to a Bean 2

Hey Bean...

How's it going? I can't wait to see you again! Your Dad & I don't go back to see Dr. Rudo until next Tuesday and we are SO anxious for that day to get here! We are hoping that she will use a Doppler to let us hear your heartbeat since the last time we only got to see it. Maybe she will even give us another ultrasound so that we can see how much you grew in the last month. I really hope so.

You have been really kind to me so I have to thank you for that! Its strange though because a lot of the time, I don't really "feel" pregnant...and so maybe that's why I can't wait for our appointment & the reassurance that will come along with it that you are doing OK in there...

Hey, did you know that you have been to 2 concerts already? You are really a little rockstar & you don't even know it yet! We took you to see Ani DiFranco back on January 26th and to see the Foo Fighters last Thursday. I'm sure they were just the first of MANY concerts we will take you to. We hope you love music as much as we do:)

I also wanted to tell you that your Daddy is very anxious to start looking at and picking out furniture & strollers & high chairs & things for you! We are going to go to Babies R Us for the first time together sometime in the next few weeks and, although I'm sure it will be overwhelming at first, we are very excited to learn about all things BABY!

Well, Bean...I hope you are having a happy day in there. I am going to go get us some lunch. I will be seeing you soon.

Love Always,
Your Mom

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