Friday, February 1, 2008

Our 1st Appointment

Well, our first meeting with Dr. Rudo yesterday went as well as it possibly could've! She was an absolute doll and a pleasure to talk with & learn from.

She sat down with us & taught us all the do's & don'ts of pregnancy & gave us all sorts of reading material to take home. She gave me 2 scripts for blood tests to get done. Then she did an internal ultrasound, so that she could better determine exactly how far along I am.

The ultrasound was amazing! There (s)he was, up on the screen...

Our little bean!!! :)

We were even able to see his/her flickering heartbeat...

Doctor said that I am currently measuring at 8 1/2 weeks along & my due date was calculated to be September 8th, 2008...which is right about where we had imagined it would be.

In just 7 months, we will be getting ready to meet our baby for the first time.

What an unbelieveable feeling.

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