Monday, September 1, 2008

The Lastest:)

Although I've been the easy target of numerous jokes regarding "going into labor on Labor Day"...this one seems to have come & gone without any such incident. I won't say that I'm entirely surprised, as I haven't felt much different these past few days than I have in all the weeks leading up to now. I'm still feeling good...but most definitely do feel larger! I think that Bean saved most of her growing until the very end as a favor to her Mom:) Sometimes I'll feel her pushing against me now & I can truly sense her as a full-grown infant in there. What a cool/crazy feeling.

Her nursery is all freshly painted and it really does look great so far. I'm really in love with the colors we chose:) Rob hung a chair rail all the way around it and new shelving and an extra rod inside the closet. Her crib and changing table/dresser are being delivered this Wednesday, thank goodness...although we'll have to wait for a 2nd delivery for the rest of the furniture pieces we ordered, as they were apparently backordered and haven't arrived yet. (Yes...this is the furniture we ordered 4+ months MAY.) Ah well. As long as those 2 pieces make it here this week, I'll be happy. Besides, she will most likely be sleeping in her bassinet for the first month or 2, anyhow. I just can't wait for them to get here so that we can put them into place & start to arrange the rest of the things we've bought for her nursery: the bookcase, glider, floating shelves, artwork, lighting, etc. And I can't wait to dress her crib all up in her bedding and put all of her tiny clothes & sheets away in their appropriate drawers!! Oh...and of course take a zillion photos of it all when its done:)

So we go back to see Dr. Heinzel on Thursday at 2:15pm. I wonder if there will be any signs of dilation by then? The past 2 times he's checked me there hasn't been, although my cervix was beginning to efface as of my appointment with him last week.

Remember: Progress...however still exciting to a 39 week+ pregnant woman;-)

Lots more updates to come...I promise.


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