Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Letter to a Bean 10

My Dearest Bean,

I wonder if this will be my last letter to you before you're born?

I suppose the only person in the whole world who might know the answer to that question is you, huh? ;-)


I wanted to let you know that Daddy & I went back to see Dr. Heinzel today. This appointment was longer than most of our past ones because they did a special test called a "non stress test" while we were there. They hooked up 2 different monitors to my belly for about a half an hour. One of them listened to your heartbeat and the other one measured your movements! Since our due date was 2 days ago, they are going to monitor you like this every few days just to make sure that you are doing OK in there. We were glad to hear that everything looked & sounded great. The nurse even gave Daddy and I a big chocolate cookie to share during the test and your movements seemed to get even stronger after I took a couple of bites of it! It was cute and funny:)

While we were there...we also learned some exciting news: I am 2 centimeters dilated! Daddy and I were both so surprised and happy. We know that this means that we are REALLY getting close to the day that we will finally meet you now:)

What a crazy & wonderful feeling this is...

Ah, well. I'd like to write more...but its getting late and I'm starting to get a little bit tired. I think I'm going to go snuggle up with the pups and get some shuteye.

I hope your day has been nice in there. That cookie sure was good, wasn't it??? :)

See you soon.

Love You.

Your Mom


Ursula said...

The next time you will be talking to her while she is in your arms... :)

I can't wait to see her :)



eileen said...

I just want to let you know that I have truly enjoyed reading your blog throughout your pregnancy. Your blog entries often bring tears to my eyes, your thoughts and feelings are so sweet and heartfelt, thank you for sharing. You will be a wonderful mother.
Best of luck to you...I hope your delivery is soon and easy!