Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Letter to a Bean 9

Dear Bean,

We are REALLY getting close now, little one! We have less than 2 weeks to go until our due date!! I can't believe how the time has flown by. It went by so slowly in the beginning...but lately, the weeks have been passing me by so quickly that I can hardly keep up!

Ever since we passed the 37-week mark, you've been considered "full-term" & so Dr. Heinzel says that you could be safely born at any time now. So whenever you're ready to...just say the word...and Daddy & I will get ourselves up to Lankenau & work on getting you out;-)

For some reason, I think that you'll be born either right on time or just a couple of days late. I don't think that you will come tooooo early...but I don't think that you'll linger for 2 weeks past our due date, either. That's just my feeling on it...but it's ultimately up to you, of course!

I have to tell you that your Dad is getting SO EXCITED to meet you! He installed your car seat already & wouldn't stop talking about how, before long, he'll be able to turn around and see his little girl "wiggling all around in there"... :) I must admit that it IS exciting to turn around & see it back there when we are driving around now, even if it IS still empty.

We have spent lots of time the last week or so working on getting your nursery ready for you. I love the paint colors that we picked out & hope that you will love them just as much. We are still waiting for your furniture to come in, though. I only hope it gets here before you do!

Ah well, Bean. We're in the home stretch now, my love. Thanks again for making this pregnancy so lovely for me. Even now, at 38+ weeks...I am still quite comfortable in mostly every way. If this is any indication of how you'll be once you're out here with us.......Daddy & I are going to have to make it a point to remind ourselves every day of how VERY LUCKY we are:)

Have a good day in there. Stay warm.

I'll be seeing you soon!

I love you.

~*Your Mom*

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Erin said...

It's funny, my midwife told me I would probably go past my due date w/Julia and she ended up coming at 38 weeks. So....when those lil' girls have their minds made up to come out, nothing stops them :)

Hugs and best wishes for a smooth labor. Thinking of you :)

Much love~