Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Just over a month to go!

I haven't written in awhile & felt it was due time for an update:)

Pregnancy has continued to be nothing short of a wonderful experience for me, up & through my 8th month. I am in my 35th week now and still feeling really good!

I am occasionally bothered with heartburn & definitely wake up to use the bathroom more often in the middle of the night now...but other than that & a bit of back pain, I have no complaints! Bean kicks & jabs me regularly and its still my favorite pasttime to lay down and patiently wait to watch her move my belly all around:) Yesterday at work, she pushed my belly out further than I've ever seen her do it before. There was no one around to see it but it was just SO cool; I couldn't help but laugh out loud!

We go back to see the doctor tomorrow & after that, we will be scheduling our appointments with them every week (as opposed to the every 2-week schedule that we've been on for awhile now).

I can't BELIEVE that this Friday will start the 1-month countdown to our due date!!! I wonder if little Bean knows how close she is to meeting all of us?

I wonder if my water will break at home?

I wonder how many hours I'll be in labor?

I wonder how much she'll weigh? And if she'll have hair?

Well, I suppose there's not much longer to wait for all of my questions to be answered:)

33 days & counting...

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Ursula said...

OMG! Michelle, I can't believe it's so close... those last 4 lines were so exciting to read!
So many questions, so exciting!!!

Can't wait until she is finally here!