Thursday, August 13, 2009


My little star,

Daddy & I can't believe how big you're getting...and how quickly the days are flying past us! In less than a month, you'll be 1 year old. How did this happen?! Our little not so much a BABY anymore!!!

You're our little parrot these days, happily trying to mimic just about everything we do or say. You love to listen to Daddy make silly noises & then repeat them back to him! And today you said THANK YOU about 20 times!!! Your Mom-Mom, Pop-Pop & Nonna were beside themselves with laughter over that one;-)

You are a master crawler & love to pull up to a stand whenever you get the chance. Your musical orange guitar is your favorite toy...along with just about any PHONE you can manage to get your hands on;-) You still L-O-V-E cheese, along with Cheerios & watermelon & grapes. You smile and giggle endlessly & melt our hearts to putty every time.

Watching you grow has been nothing short of an honor. I can barely contain my excitement when I think of what the months to come will bring!

Thank you so much for being YOU:~)

Love you to the moon & back again.

*Your MaMa*

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