Thursday, June 11, 2009

Going Mobile/9 Months

I remember a point in time where 9 months took forever to go by. When you're a kid itchin' for the summertime, the school year seems to never end. But now...somehow...9 months has come & gone and what was *just yesterday* my tiny little squirming baby is now my creepin'/crawlin'...very mobile...little girl:)

She is 9 months old today. I can hardly stand to say it out hardly seems possible!

She waves hello now...and feeds herself Cheerios. She is also getting (dangerously) close to actually crawling! She moves both forward and backwards now...but mostly by creeping on her belly. And these monthly "photo shoots"...are becoming more & more of a challenge because staying still (or even just SEATED) is not so much an option anymore;-)


Dawn said...

Just wait till she starts crawling! I’m exhausted already...LOL!! But it’s also a fun time!

Darcel said...

it is crazy...and amazing just 9 months ago she was in your belly and now she iz a lil person :)