Saturday, May 23, 2009

8 1/2 months:)

You get more comments on your big blue eyes than anything else;-)
(In second place would be how smiley & happy you always are.)

Here you are with your "Anti-Pauff"...aka...your Auntie Dylan.
And look at you, you big girl...standing on your own 2 feet!

Here you are with Papa, practicing your newest skill: waving HELLO:)
Sometimes you wave inwards at yourself instead of out at the person who is saying HI to you. I know it won't last but Daddy & I think its just the cutest!

I think you own more hoodies than your Dad & I combined.
And that's sayin' something!

You sure do love your "Gi's"!
That's what you call Casey & Lucy...your (Dog) GI (es)!

Yes, that's right. Mama bought a basket & put you inside of it so that she could take your photo.
This type of behavior should come as no surprise to you by now.

Not that you minded! You smiled the whole time:)

Purple stripes + hot-pink/green soled shoes = RAD

Man, kid. You are just too cool for school;-)

1 comment:

Ursula said...

You killin' me here with those pictures!!! Stella is the best!
I wish I could fly up there for her first birthday party!

Give her a big kiss for me!