Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Height/Weight/Sweet Potato Update

Dear Stella,

We took you to see Dr. Trotsky for your 6-month check-up today. You are up to 13 pounds, 13 ounces & you are 26 inches long! You have grown half a foot in your first half-year of life:) How cool is that?!

They gave you 3 more shots while we were there, which is always so sad for your Dad & I...but you did great. You cried a little bit but calmed right down when I picked you up after they were done. You "found your thumb" & soothed yourself right down. You are so good at that:)

We decided to give you some sweet potatoes with your oatmeal cereal for lunch when we got home. It was your first time having a vegetable! Some of the faces you made while eating it were PRICELESS. Your Dad & I were cracking up! I'm not sure you knew quite what to make of it. It must've tasted MUCH different to you than anything else you've ever had.

Breast Milk...
Rice Cereal...

And then suddenly this strange, tangy, bright orange GOOP!

You did great with it for your first time, although a ton of it did end up ON you rather than IN you;-) We will give you some more with your cereal for the next few days & then we'll switch to something new & different. Maybe peas...or carrots...or bananas...or yellow squash!?

We'll see.

There is one thing I know for sure, though.

We are going to have to go shopping for lots more BIBS!


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