Tuesday, March 24, 2009

*Christening Day*

This year I got to share my birthday with Stella's Christening Day & I can honestly say that she is the first person I've ever met that I didn't mind "sharing" it with;-)

She looked so beautiful in her gown & was so well behaved all day. She only got fussy a couple of times & it was really a long day for her...including getting dressed & undressed & dressed again multiple times. (Her dress was too bulky for her to fit into her carseat with it on.)

The cutest part of the day for me was when she stuck her hand right into the holy water when we weren't looking! She sure is in that "grabbing anything & everything" phase!!


Dawn said...

Aaaaaw congrats Stella! The pics turned out great!

Denise said...

OMG! She is so adorable in her dress. She is so beautiful! :)