Friday, July 25, 2008

Letter to a Bean 8

Dear Bean,

Well...we're really starting to get close now! This is week 34 & we are only 45 days away from our due date! Your Daddy and I are getting sOoOoOoOoOo excited to finally meet you.

We went to the hospital this past Monday night for a tour of their labor & delivery ward. It was really neat to get a chance to see everything in advance so that we'll know what to expect when the time comes that you're ready to make your GRAND ENTRANCE into the world! I think it's really neat that you will be born in the very same building that I was born in 30 years ago:)

We had another appointment with Dr. Heinzel yesterday afternoon & he told us that everything was looking great. Your heartbeat was at 130 beats/minute and you are already in a head-down position! You were this way when he checked you at our last appointment 2 weeks ago...and so now he believes that this is how you'll stay up & through our delivery day. This is great news, Bean...because head-down is just the perfect position for you to be born in! Thanks for helping Mommy out:) I appreciate it!

Tomorrow is your Daddy's birthday & I would like to take him somewhere special for dinner! Before long, we won't be able to travel as lightly as we can now anymore. We'll need all sorts of special things with us for you, once you are out of my belly:)

Ah well, Bean. That's all for today. Have a good day in there. Stay cozy & warm. I will be seeing you very, very S-O-O-N.

Your Mom

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