Friday, July 11, 2008

31 weeks!

Yesterday was an incredible day. Mom, Rob & I went back to the hospital for my growth ultrasound. It was *so great* to see our little Bean again!

They told us that she is growing just as she should be and weighs around 3 1/2 pounds already! She winked at us twice when her face was up on the ultrasound screen and then she even stuck her little tongue out at us:)

She looked so much more "filled out" than she did at our last ultrasound. You can really tell that she is starting to plump up and I love that we got the chance to see her again to confirm that she is doing OK in there. We also got confirmation from another ultrasound tech as well as another doctor that she is, in fact, a GIRL;-)

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Ursula said...

Well I already told you! You have baby girl belly! LOL

You look great! :D