Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Letter to a Bean 5

Dear Bean,

How are you doing, my littlest love?

We are just entering our 24th week...and 24 has been my lucky number for as long as I can remember...so this is bound to be an extra special week for us:)

I have been patiently waiting to feel you move for weeks & you have finally obliged my silent requests:) For the past 4 days, I have felt you move every single day!! It happens the most often when I am driving or after I eat or drink something and its truly just the coolest feeling ever. Sometimes it feels like you are lightly tickling me and other times it feels like you are flipping around in there like a little fish! One night over the weekend, Daddy & I were watching a movie and you made me jump TWICE! Those were more than just tickles...I think they might have been your first actual kicks;-)

This past Sunday was Mother's Day and so many of our friends & family members were nice enough to acknowledge me as a Mom in spite of the fact that you haven't been born yet;-) I got cards, emails & text messages and they all made me feel so special & happy. Just a few more months & I will be a MOM.

I still can hardly believe it.

Well, Miss Bean...I hope you're having a nice day in there. Please continue to kick & tickle me often.

See you soon.


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