Tuesday, April 1, 2008


So this is me on the first day of my 18th week...and I definitely have a little baby belly starting to poke out;-)

It was actually much easier to notice after I asked Rob to shoot a couple of profile shots of me.

Photography is such a beautiful thing!

We had our 3rd OB/GYN appointment today & got to meet Dr. Rudo's partner, Dr. Laverin. He was awesome! As was expected, the bean's heartbeat has slowed down since the last time we were there about a month ago. The last time it was in the mid 160's and today it was at 132. It still sounded beautiful as ever, though:)

Dr. Laverin gave us the prescription to make our "big ultrasound" appointment @ Lankenau. I am going to call tomorrow & try to set that up. Its super exciting to think that in just a few weeks, we will know whether Baby Bean is a boy or a girl!

I think we are going to try to take profile photos like this one every week or 2 throughout the remainder of my pregnancy. I think they will be neat to look back on once the baby is born:)


Erin said...

You definitely have "popped", Michelle! How adorable! How exciting that you will know what "shim" will be very, very soon :)

Ursula said...

I'm so very happy to see that you have a little baby bump already!

For sure take pics of your growing belly, I've done it with all 3 of my boys and its priceless to look at once they are born :)