Monday, November 23, 2009

14-months/Catching up

My Dear Bean,

It sure has been awhile since I last wrote to you. Life has just been so busy! Your Mom-Mom had a big operation & I was spending a whole lot of time with her, trying to help her to get better as quickly as she could. Thank Goodness she did...and now she's home again, asking me every day when the next time she will get to see her Little Stella will be! ;-)

As for you? You are just the coolest...and you seem to get more wonderful by the day!! Your personality is still very much like its been since you were an infant: Just very easy-going & care-free...and HAPPY:) Everyone notices that about you. You love to smile at people & I guess they can't help but to notice when that sweet little grin is pointed their way;-)

It's so fun that you are communicating with us so much now. Your list of words grows bigger by the day...and its almost overwhelming to think about how much you know already!

For example, you say...

"Mama"..."Dada"..."Cheese"..."Shoes"..."Ball"..."Gi-Gi" (the giraffe that you sleep with every night, who you simply ADORE)..."What's That?"..."Thank You"..."Night Night" ..."Bee" and "Baby"

And the gestures?! The pointing & the head shaking & the endless smiles?!?? They are too sweet & almost too much for me to take sometimes:)

You love to open & close Mom-Mom's kitchen cupboards & turn her light switches on & off...and you'll point & point until we let you try your hand at these tasks whenever we're over there.

You understand when you are starting to head in a direction that's unsafe & I ask you to please turn around & go back to your toys. Sometimes you don't want to...but I love to know that you understand:)

You LOVE to climb stairs...which is fantastic & scary all at the same time.

You LOVE to swing on the swings at the park & laugh every time I push you higher!

You make the CUTEST kitty & doggie noises when we ask you to...and lately, every 4-legged creature that you see either says "Meow" or "Ruff Ruff Ruff" to you! For example: Baby Tobey's zebra toy provoked a "Ruff Ruff Ruff" out of you yesterday...while the goat at Linvilla Orchards made you smile, look at me & say "Meowwww!"

You love to ride in the shopping cart at Target...where we venture at least twice a week, on average...and you enjoy pointing things out to me in all of the different aisles. Lately, you love pointing at the oversized Christmas ornaments & calling out "BALL!"

At home, you love to play with your toys & be read to! "Tumble Bumble", "Mr. Brown Can Moo" & "Hand Hand Fingers Thumb" are your top 3 storytime choices. It depends on your mood whether or not you will listen to a different story. Lots of times you long as you know that one of these 3 are coming. But occassionally, you will toss whatever "imposter" book happens to be in my lap (or Daddy's lap) by about page 3 & plop TUMBLE BUMBLE in it's place instead:)

You're just such a full of love & just SO animated! I hope that you always stay this way...because you're such a charmer & so much fun to be around. I am so proud to be your Mom & so excited to see what lies ahead for us!

Thanks for being great.

Love you to the moon & back.

*Your Mom*

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Lisa P. said...

You can feel the sunshine!!!!!!!!!