Thursday, January 29, 2009

A few things...

* 20 weeks *

...I've learned as a new mom. . .

* That a 12-pound person can easily generate more laundry in a week than Rob & I combined.

* That becoming a Mom has practically eliminated the desire to shop for clothes for myself in favor of baby girl dresses, itty bitty jeans & pint-sized Converse.

* That a person can throw up on me 10 times a day & I'll still happily kiss her goodnight.

* That bald really IS beautiful.

* That watching Rob play guitar to another girl makes me REALLY happy:)

* That barely an hour after putting her down at night, I just miss her SO MUCH.

1 comment:

Ursula said...

Kids are the biggest source of laundry ever!!!! Imagine what I go through in a week!! :o - LOL!