Monday, December 1, 2008

Stella & LuLu

I know that a lot of people were worried about how Stella would adjust to living with 2 dogs...but I think this photo speaks for itself.

Quite seriously...she owns those beagles!


Ursula said...

I absolutely love this picture.
Lulu looks so peaceful... I still remember her hauling the day we went to pick her up from the vet's office, everything we think about it Mike and I crack up! LOL


*Bee Girl* said...

LMAO!!! OMG, that was the FUNNIEST thing, ever!! My poor baby. She was whimpering & cryin like a fool that day. LOL!


Ursula said...

and how about my grammar! Gee I just realized what I wrote, at was at work trying to type fast so my boss didn't catch me..

I meant howling and *everytime we think about it* - LOL
I hate when my brain thinks one thing and my fingers type another.