Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Letter to a Bean 6

Dear Bean,

Well, we've made it comfortably into our 3rd trimester! Here we are in our 28th week now and things seem to be going as well as they could be for us. Short of some (pretty terrible) heartburn last week, I'm still feeling really good. You are bopping around in there all the time and you're getting bigger & stronger by the week. I can tell because I'm feeling you move more & more often. Last Friday, my mom & Mom-Mom (your Mom-mom & Nonna) were able to feel your movements for the first time! That was an exciting day. I had to drink 2 glasses of cold water first...but it worked like a charm because you started squirming around all over the place after that;-)

I wonder why that happens...

Can you feel the cold? I wonder what it feels like to you in there...

I read today that you can open & close your eyes & that you weigh over 2 pounds now. You're getting so big! I wonder how much you'll weigh when you're born...?

Over the weekend, your Dad told me that he has been wondering how much hair you will have and what color it will be. I wonder that as well...and what color your eyes will be, too! I wonder if they'll be brown like mine...or blue, like his?

We haven't settled on a name for you yet, although there are quite a few pretty ones that we are considering. It's just so hard to choose one & be sure that its the right one for you...

We have our next OB appointment tomorrow afternoon. I love that your Dad comes with me every time. He loves to listen to your heartbeat and to everything that the doctor tells me about my belly & you inside of it;-) You & I are both very lucky to have someone like him in our lives. He is going to make such a wonderful Daddy.

We can't wait to meet you. Just 90 more days to go now till our due date! I know it will be here before we know it.

Well, have a good day in there. I will be seeing you soon:)


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